In its simplest terms, failure to follow instruction means. › blog › june › failure-to-follow-instruction-and-. Failure to comply with the Policy Staff should be aware that a failure to comply with the policy, including any arrangements which are put in place under it. An agency may take disciplinary action, up to and including removal, against an employee for failure to follow instructions if the employee was given proper. As agencies prepare to bring employees back into the workplace, there could be new problems with failure to comply with the precautions. Insubordination is the “willful and intentional refusal to obey an authorized order of a superior officer which the officer is entitled to have. Although a failure to follow the code does not, in itself, make an employer liable to proceedings, employment tribunals will take the code into account when. An arbitrator found that a unionized employee's failure to follow well-known public health guidelines was cause for termination. When an Agency charges an employee with failure to follow instructions, they are required to prove certain facts. Unfair Dismissal: Employer's failure to follow its own informal disciplinary procedure resulted in constructive dismissal.