Trees raised specifically for pulp production account for 16% of world pulp production, old growth forests 9% and second- and third- and more generation. "The Trees" is a song by British rock band Pulp, from their album We Love Life. Featuring a string sample from the Otley soundtrack song "Tell Her You. The Trees Lyrics: I took an air-rifle, shot a magpie to the ground / And it died without a sound / Your skin so pale against the fallen. "The Trees" is the other half of the double A-side released in October as a lead-up to the release of Pulp's then-latest album We Love Life - the other. These are large-scale, intensively-managed, even-aged monocultures, mostly of exotic trees like fast-growing eucalyptus, pine and acacia species. To make paper from trees, the raw wood must first be turned into "pulp." Wood pulp is a watery “soup" of cellulose wood fibers, lignin, water. Making wood pulp means separating the wood cells. In the living tree the wood cells are held together by lignin, the main constituent of the middle lamella. Pulpwood: ” DBH. Pulpwood trees are chipped into small pieces, chemically treated, and made into paper. Pulpwood is measured in tons or standard cords. Pulpwood is a term used to refer to trees that are grown with the intention of harvesting the timber for use in the production of paper. Smaller parts of a harvested tree are used to make a variety of pulp and paper products, including cardboard boxes and other packaging materials.