A1, Tuba Polka. A2, Strolling Girl Waltz (Szła Dzieweczka). A3, Harmony Hall Polka. A4, Parade Polka. A5, Ciocia I Wuja Oberek (Aunt & Uncle). The Fabulous Ampol Aires on the Move. THIS LP COVER IS AUTOGRAPH BY ALL 8 BAND MEMBER WALTER (WHITEY) STARMACH RUDY SIENKOWSKI WALTER GLOWICKI ROMAN. Two Classic Albums On One Great CD! Polka Nite Life in Chicago with the Ampol Aires The Fabulous Ampol Aires on The Move. Tuba Polka Strolling Girl Waltz. THE AMPOL AIRES - One More Time - LP Vinyl AMPOL Sealed New - - POLKA - $ FOR SALE! The LP VINYL RECORD is titled THE AMPOL AIRES - ONE MORE TIME. and the many others that were instrumental in providing the opportunity for the Ampol Aires to entertain for all the wonderful people on the West Coast. Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: At The Border Polka, Hyzny's Polka, Pretty World Polka, Promised Love Waltz, Polka Power. His talent and ability to sing and move people is truly special. a unique fairy tale put to polkas · Ampol Aires: Famous - Fabulous Ampol Aires. The Fabolous Ampol Aires - On The Move. The Fabolous Ampol Aires - On The Move. All rights reserved. Check out the great offers on Ampol now & Save up to 18% using Ampol Coupons. 4, The Fabulous Ampol Aires on the Move, No ratings yet, $, Buy Now. 28 Moving-animated-gif-of-spinning-hockey-puck “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash The Fabulous Ampol Aires.